The Ayn Rand Atlas Award for Best Israeli Startup
Creating Value in Israel and around the Globe

“Throughout the centuries there were men who took the first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision”

– Ayn Rand


2017 marks the second year in Israel in which the Atlas Award event will be held in collaboration with the Ayn Rand Center, TheMarker and Deloitte. The prize will be granted to the Israeli start-up company which has created a technology, idea or product of exceptional value in Israel and worldwide over the past year.

Atlas Award candidates are companies selected following a thorough evaluation by a steering committee comprised of representatives of the three groups sponsoring the event, from among Israel’s most innovative, exemplary startups in 2016 that meet the criteria of a groundbreaking company in Israel and worldwide.

After receiving the details of the companies and their readiness to participate in the event, the candidates will make presentations before a jury panel which will select the leading company to be granted the Atlas Award.

The Award: The Atlas Award is a sculpture by internationally-renowned sculptor Richard Minns. The sculpture is an unparalleled portrayal of the mythological Atlas who hoists the world, paying homage to extraordinary achievements.

The award was designed to raise public awareness to the aspiration for productivity, pioneering, and prosperity while saluting the leading Israeli startup company of 2016. The sculpture is an exclusive replica of the original, which is marketed at around one hundred thousand dollars.

The Ayn Rand Center, TheMarker and Deloitte invite conpanies to enter nominations for the 2017 Atlas Award winners in these categories:

  • Mobility & Automotive
  • Agrotech & Foodtech
  • Cleantech
  • Health & Medical

Entries are welcome for submission from Israeli start-up companies with an:

  • Income of over $2 million annually, or
  • An estimated worth above $30 million

A jury panel comprised of professionals and academics will select the winning candidate for the 2017 Atlas Award for the Best Israeli Start-Up.


Registration Stage: 26/2/2017 – 4/4/2017

Registration of companies and selection of candidates to advance to the next stage.

Semi-Finals:   23/4/2017

At this stage, the Finalists will be named. These companies will be deliberated, evaluated, and invited to appear before the jury panel.

Final Competition: 18/4/2017

Selection of those companies who will compete in each category of the Finals, and the decision of the First Place winner.

The Atlas Award Ceremony: 24/5/2017

The award is designed to raise public awareness and express appreciation to the start-up with the most outstanding technology, idea or product that creates exceptional value in Israel and around the globe, breaking boundaries and increasing prosperity, especially within the State of Israel.
The winning company is chosen by jury and receives a full-sized bronze sculpture of Atlas brandishing the world by internationally renowned sculptor Richard Minns, with a market values of 100,000 USD. The award is presented during a special ceremony at the Israeli Stock Exchange, attended by leaders from all sectors of the Israeli business world.
Based on per capita, this young nation of 8,323,248 leads the world in Entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation and technology.  Israel has more companies on NASDAQ than any other nation except the USA.  Israel leads the world in number of researchers per capita; it is second in research and development, and third in high-tech density.  In World Rankings, the “Start-Up Nation” ranks at No. 10, after the USA and BEFORE Ireland, China and the U.K.Israel is No. One in the World in technology start-ups per capita, with over 4,000 active start-ups.  Israel’s start-ups are now Israel’s No. One Export, representing over 10% of the growing Israeli workforce.  The economic engine which drives Israel.
Wednesday 24 May.  6:00 P.M.  – 9:00 P.M.

The Second Annual Ayn Rand Atlas Award Ceremony, announcing the Winner of the 2016-2017 Best Israeli Start-Up.  Cocktails & hors d’oeuvres.  Invitation Only.  Attended by the elite leaders of Israel’s business / entrepreneurial / start-up community.  Award Ceremony followed by private invitation-only V.I.P. Dinner in honor of visiting guests from USA, UK, Europe.

Thursday 25 May 6:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

Art Market Gallery (at Tel Aviv Port).  Invitation Only.  Private Viewing of Sculptures by Richard Minns, creator of the Atlas Award, featuring The Atlas Shrugged Quadrilogy.  Speech by Dr Yaron Brook on “Value of Entrepreneurship”.  Followed by private invitation-only V.I.P. Dinner.