Launched in 2016, the Atlas Award annually recognizes Israeli startups that produce globally impactful technologies, ideas, or products. The award is a joint initiative of the Ayn Rand Center and prominent partners, including TheMarker magazine, Calcalist, Amazon AWS Israel, Intel Capital, Start-Up Nation Central, and others.

The Atlas Award aims to highlight innovation and prosperity, appreciating the leading Israeli startups that drive these. Our annual event at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange brings together global industry leaders and culminates in presenting the Atlas Award to an Israeli startup that has demonstrated exceptional achievement over the year, selected by a professional judging panel.

Our annual gala has hosted esteemed personalities like Jimmy Wells, founder of Wikipedia; Nobel laureate Prof. Dan Shechtman, and others. This year, we're honored to have Mr. David L. Sokol, Chairman/CEO of Teton Capital LLC, as our guest. Through the Atlas Award, we strive to honor innovation and celebrate those who shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship.

In the photo above: The Atlas Award event awarding the 2019 Atlas Award to the winner, TARANIS company

Atlas Award Nomination Criteria:

Entry threshold: Company age 2-10 years
Total accumulated revenues: Over $1M
Company valuation in the last investment: Over $10M

The companies nominated for the award are selected after thorough scrutiny by a steering team composed of representatives of the bodies partnering the event, from innovative and outstanding Israeli startups of the last year, that meet the criteria of a breakthrough company in Israel and the world.

After receiving the details of the competing companies and their willingness to participate in the event, they will be presented to the judging committee which will choose the leading company from among the competitors to which the Atlas Award will be given.

The Atlas Award: The award is a statue by the late international sculptor Richard Minns. The statue, inspired by Ayn Rand's book, "Atlas Shrugged", is an unprecedented image of the mythological Atlas pulling the world forward, as a token of appreciation for an exceptional achievement.
The award is intended to raise public awareness of the aspiration for innovation, breakthroughs, and prosperity, and to express appreciation for the leading startup company in Israel in the last year. The statue is a unique copy of the sculpture whose market price is about a hundred thousand dollars.